Northumbria University & Allendale Golf Club

We are currently in our final year of study at Northumbria University, all studying business-related degrees. Over the last few months, we have been working together alongside Allendale Golf Club to look at ways in which the club can increase the number of members and further generate additional income.

Since our first client meeting, back in December, we have been working on collecting both primary and secondary data. A report will be put together with all our findings and recommendations and handed over in early April to both Colin and Robin. A presentation will then be held in May to further to discuss our findings.

On Friday 24th February, we spent the day visiting Allendale Golf Club, as well as visiting the town of Allendale. The views from the clubhouse over the golf course were breath-taking, showing the great potential the club has to offer. After hearing so much about the golf club, it was great to see it in person and get a feel for the atmosphere of the area.

We look forward to presenting our recommendations and hope these can be implemented at Allendale Golf Club in the future.

Katie Eastwood, Lily Johnson, Chloe Tully, Rachael Russell
The Business Clinic, Northumbria University