Welcome to the Allendale Seniors page.  The following details the matches arranged for 2017:

Gosforth Away: 4th May 2017
Bellingham Away:  25th May 2017
The Golf in the Wild Seniors Open:  14th June 2017
Bellingham Home:  22nd June 2017
Prudhoe Home:  Thursday 10th August 2017 (contact: Dave Kemp)
Beamish Home:  Tuesday 22nd August 2017
Gosforth Home:  Thursday 14th September 2017
Beamish Away:  Thursday 28th September 2017 (contact: Geoff McVay)

The availability sheet will be displayed in the clubhouse lobby at least four weeks in advance of the match and the selection one week in advance (always assuming we are over-subscribed).

Robin Down
2017 Seniors Captain

Notes for 2018 calendar:

The Gosforth away match will be on Thursday May 10th 2018 i.e. one week later than the equivalent 2017 date.

The Gosforth home match will be on Thursday September 13th 2018.  The Gosforth contact is Roger Schofield.

The Bellingham away match has been agreed as Thursday 24th May 2018 and the home match at Allendale, 21st June 2018.  The Bellingham contact is John Deveney 01434 270852.

The Golf in the Wild Open is provisionally scheduled for 13th June 2018.

The Beamish dates have been agreed as 28th June at Allendale and 27th September at Beamish.   Beamish contact is Chris Scribbins.

The Prudhoe match (away) has been scheduled for Thursday 9th August – note this will be an 09:30 start.  Prudhoe contact is Dave Kemp.

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