Thanks to everyone who took part in the away match at Bellingham on 23rd May – a fairly narrow defeat – losing 6-4 on a tough course is not a bad result.  We have the opportunity to exact revenge at Allendale on 20th June.  The provisional pairings will be:

Robin Down & Ian Crocker
Jim Hall & Ray Wilson
Robin Makepeace & Geoff Edwards
Dennis Cousins & John Colman
Peter Robinson & Derek Todhunter

Again, only five pairs will be required.

After the Bellingham away match, the scores on the doors are:

Dennis Cousins: 4 pts
Peter Robinson: 2 pts
Cliff Dalton: 3pts
Derek Todhunter: 3 pts
Ian Crocker: 3 pts
Ron Jamieson 2 pts
Jim Hall: 2 pts
Mike Carter: 1 pt
Mark Kimberley: 1 pt
Mike Metcalfe: 1 pt

Finally, don’t forget  the Golf in the Wild Open on Wednesday 12th June.  Many of you have entered already – thanks for that.  There will be full catering on the day – bacon or sausage sandwiches in morning followed by a lunch choice of homemade soup and sandwich, pie and peas, jacket potato with choice of fillings and side salad, quiche and salad, burgers and lasagne.

Seniors Match – Bellingham (AWAY) -23rd May 2019

Well done to everyone who participated in the winning match away to Gosforth on 9th May.  The 7-5 win has resulted in the following points standings for the Senior Golfer of the Year (not to be mistaken with the Seniors’ Champion):

Dennis Cousins:  2 pts
Peter Robinson:  2 pts
Cliff Dalton:  2pts
Derek Todhunter:  2 pts
Ian Crocker:  2 Pts
Jim Hall:  2 pts
Mike Carter:  1 pt
Mark Kimberley:  1 pt

We seem to have discovered a winning formula – we win if the captain doesn’t play :-).  This will be repeated for the match at Bellingham on Thursday 23rd May where I will be once again absent – this time a planned holiday.

The provisional pairings are:

Dennis Cousins & Peter Robinson

Cliff Dalton & Derek Todhunter

Geoff Edwards & Robin Makepeace

ian Crocker & Mike Metcalfe

Jim Hall & Ray Wilson

Mike Carter & Mark Kimberley

I will email the final details later in the week

El Capitano.

Allendale Golf Club – Enhanced Security Project

We need your support – vote for us!

The club has submitted a bid for funding to support enhanced security at the clubhouse.  Please register and vote for the project!

Go to:

Click Register to Vote – this will generate a verification email.  Once registered Click Vote Now, search for “Allendale” and a picture of the clubhouse plus this text will be displayed:

Installation of CCTV cameras at Allendale Golf Club to: 1. Provide enhanced security for buildings and equipment – we are an isolated club with an unmanned clubhouse; 2. Provide enhanced security for members – we will know who is out on the course and if there are non-playing visitors in the area of the clubhouse; 3. Increase revenue – cameras and number-plate recognition will deter visitors from not registering and paying green-fees into the honesty box; 4. Provide an online weather pictures via the website for members and visitors travelling from outside the immediate vicinity of the course.

Click View Project and then Vote for this Project

Select 10 votes from the drop-down menu and click Submit.

Once complete, tell your friends and family to do the same – pass it on!

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