Seniors Match – Bellingham (Away) – 24th May

These are the provisional pairings for the Seniors’ match at Bellingham on Thursday 24th May, based on the names so far entered on the availability sheet.  This is not the order of play:

  1.  Robin Down & Mike Metcalfe
  2. Colin Wraith & Ian Crocker
  3. Tony Johnson & Rahmon Nassor
  4. Malcolm Aitchison & Mark Kimberley
  5. Peter Robinson & Dennis Cousins
  6. Robin Makepeace & Geoff Edwards

Further details will follow.



Seniors Match – Gosforth (Away)

The first seniors match of the season is scheduled for Thursday 10th May at the Bridlepath, Gosforth – arrive 10:00 for 10:30 tee off.  The pairings are detailed below.  With the exception of the Captain’s pair, the order of play was determined by nothing more scientific than drawing pairs from a hat:

  1.  Robin Down + Ian Crocker
  2.  Jim Hall + Ray Wilson
  3.  Robin Makepeace + Geoff Edwards
  4.  Rahmon Nassor + Tony Johnson
  5.  Mike Metcalfe + Malcolm Aitchison
  6.  Peter Robinson + John Colman

(1st reserve – Colin Wraith)

Remember – winning pairs will receive a point each; halved matches a half point each; losers, nowt.  The individual with the most points at the end of the season will win a prize at the end of year seniors’ celebratory dinner – date to be defined.

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