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Seniors’ Match v Bellingham – at home -19th September

An excellent result on Thursday – well done to everyone involved in the ‘thrashing’ of Gosforth 11-1 (or 5.5- 0.5 depending on your scoring method).  This is particularly pleasing as, this year, we have won both the home and away matches.  Thanks as usual to Neil, Ian and Christine for ensuring a very successful day.  Also thanks to Cliff for stepping in at the last minute to ensure we were able to field a full team.

The next match is Thursday 19th September at home to Bellingham. I will distribute the start sheet soon – it will be fields of ten and I am expecting to have a full team.

After the Gosforth home match, the scores on the doors are:

Dennis Cousins: 13 pts
Peter Robinson: 9 pts
Cliff Dalton: 8 pts
Derek Todhunter: 8 pts
Jim Hall: 8 pts
Mike Metcalfe: 8 pts
Mark Kimberley: 5 pts
Robin Down: 5 pts
Mike Carter: 5 pts
Geoff Edwards: 4 pts
Gary Thomson: 4 pts
John Humble: 4 pts
Ray Wilson: 4 pts
Ian Crocker: 3 pts
Robin Makepeace: 2 pts
Ron Jamieson: 2 pts

Junior August Medal

Hello all,

Congratulations especially to Jake and Tom Clarke, our winners. Tom had a “storming” round and has had his handicap adjusted accordingly!
The next golfing events are the workshop on Wednesday, 28 August and the “Super Sixes” on Saturday, 31 August.
For the “Super Sixes” all Junior members are invited to team up with an adult family member to play a Greensomes over 6 holes.
Adults will be handicapped according to their experience!
I seem to remember that last year it was won by Sam and his Dad!
Please get your team together and let me know your availability.

And good luck to Daniel who is playing in the final Golf Tour fixture this weekend.


The results can be found on the Junior Results Page

Seniors’ Match v Gosforth – Gosforth at home -12th September

We were unlucky to lose the match v Prudhoe on Thursday – perhaps if the first game had been a 4-ball or if I had not been so magnanimous as to drop out (actually the knee was playing up :-)) we might have come out on top.  As it was, a 3-2 defeat was a tad unfortunate.  Overall, we have now won 4 out of 6 matches.

The next match is Thursday 12th September at home to Gosforth. It should be teams of 12 for this one but so far there are only 10 names on the start sheet.  It should also be noted that we have matches on three consecutive weeks in September – the above is followed by the rearranged Bellingham match at home on the 19th, and Beamish away on the 26th.

After the Prudhoe home match, the scores on the doors are:

Dennis Cousins: 11 pts
Peter Robinson: 9 pts
Cliff Dalton: 7 pts
Derek Todhunter: 7 pts
Jim Hall: 6 pts
Mike Metcalfe: 6 pts
Ray Wilson: 4 pts
Ian Crocker: 3 pts
Mark Kimberley: 3 pts
Robin Down: 3 pts
Mike Carter: 3 pts
Geoff Edwards: 2 pts
Gary Thomson: 2 pts
John Humble: 2 pts
Ron Jamieson 2 pts

As ever, thanks to Neil and Ian, the course looked great despite the amount of rain we have had and Christine’s catering was excellent as usual.