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2019 Fixtures

The 2019 fixtures are now online – 6th item in the Members drop-down menu on the home page.  It should be noted that some dates are still subject to final confirmation.

The next five events also appear in the right-hand sidebar, entitled ‘Upcoming Events‘.  At the bottom left of this list there is the “Add” button which supports export of all events to a variety of personal, external calendars e.g. click on “Add to Google” and it will load your local calendar and provide the option to ‘add calendar’.  Other options include Timely, Outlook, Apple Calendar, other calendars & XML.  It works fine for Google running on a Windows/Android platform – I cannot vouch for anything else.

Let me know if you spot any errors in the event listings.

Robin Down

2017 Fixtures

The 2017 Fixtures have now been keyed into the website Calendar – go to Members dropdown menu and click Fixtures.

Let me know if you spot any errors – all entries had to be retyped as there is no easy import mechanism.  However, export to your own calendar is supported – go to the website’s homepage, scroll down the right hand sidebar until you reach “Upcoming Events” and then click the Add button.  This presents a number of export options including Google, Outlook, Apple etc – it certainly works to Google’s calendar, I have not tried any others.

There are some dates yet to be confirmed e.g. Presentation Night.