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Norman Harris

A celebration of Norman’s life is to be held in the Allendale Village Hall on Wednesday 17th February, commencing 15:00.  You are kindly invited to attend by his niece, Jenny, and good friend, Jacqueline.  As well as an invitation to his friends at the golf club, there will also be attendees from the Film Club and Shakespeare Society.  Small refreshments will be provided.

Norman Harris & The Woodland Trust

The Allendale Film Club has now set up a donation page for Norman at the dedication pages of The Woodland Trust,  the family’s chosen charity for those wishing to make a memorial donation.  Click here to be taken direct to the Norman Harris page – the closing date for individual donations is 5th June 2016.

“A giant Fleet Street oak falls with the passing of Norman Harris, aged 75.  He graced Sunday Times sport with beautifully chosen words”
Norman Giller



Norman Harris

Following on from Colin’s very sad email regarding Norman, we now know that his funeral will take place on 18th December at Mortlake – no further details are available at the moment.

I understand that some members have expressed an interest in knowing more about Norman’s career as sportswriter – there is an in-depth obituary at stuff.co.nz and a fascinating radio interview at Radio New Zealand National.

The image in the header of this post is taken from his memoir Beyond Cook’s Gardens – A Writer’s Journey – it shows the finish gantry for the Sunday Times Fun Run with commentary team (from left) Pat Thornton, Brough Scott, Cliff Temple, Norman, Alan Parry and Garry Richardson.

My own personal tribute can be found beyond the images in this post on my personal blog.

All of the above has been made available to the Hexham Courant who will be producing their own obituary in the near future.

UPDATE:  I now realise the Courant has published the obituary already: Kiwi sports writer was golf club stalwart.